You, An Accountant, And Your Toronto Tax Return

If Canada’s tax code was straightforward and simple, you might not need help from a Toronto accountant. You would be able to turn in the very minimalistic paperwork yourself, make any required payments, and that would be that. You wouldn’t stay awake, ever, worrying about taxes, wondering how to file them correctly, wondering how to stay on top of the paperwork, wondering how to find the money you need to pay the CRA.

Well, that’s another world. In this world, the tax code is not straightforward or simple. It takes hours and hours of concentrated time to make sense of it, and you might very well be working yourself into a headache without making any real progress. Facts and figures are jiggling around in your head, and it’s hard to see quite which number goes in which box. How do you know for certain that that number that comes out of the end is right, after all you’ve gone through to come up with it?

You don’t, ofcourse, unless you go through and check it again, giving yourself, on average, three more headaches. That is the story of the tax return Toronto for most Canadians who try to do it themselves.

And that’s why you may want the help of a Toronto accountant. Someone who knows those circuitous tax laws like the back of their hand. Someone with a magic, order-inducing touch, who can make sense of your complicated finances. Someone who can look at your mess of paperwork and go – pouf!- and convert it all to order and neatness.

Well, maybe you won’t find a Toronto accountant who can do quite that. Making order of chaos is never entirely automatic. But someone who knows those laws like anything, who knows finances like anything, and who has experience putting personal finance in line with the tax code and helping to prepare tax returns in Toronto will certainly be able to work a kind of magic over your book-keeping that will have you thanking yourself, over and over again, that you thought to call the accountant. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. You may curse yourself for the years you sweated it out on your own. Because, to be honest, preparing tax returns in Toronto is really not your element—most likely.

You probably have lots of things that you are very good at. Some of them have only entertainment value. With others, you make a living from your family. But—unless you missed the boat on career choice and ought to be a Toronto accountant yourself—preparing tax returns for the Canada Revenue Agency is probably not in your uber-talented division of practiced skills. It’s probably not even in the moderately-talented. If you’re like the majority of people in this country, it’s probably way down at the bottom of a list of things you really do poorly.

So… spend your time on the things you do well, and find a Toronto accountant to do the things you do poorly. Think about all the other ways you can use that time you won’t have to spend on your taxes. Then go do them.

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