Personal Tax Return Preparation & E-filing Services

We provide accurate and prompt service in preparing and filing your Personal Tax Return. We know how to maximize your benefit; in other words, how to minimize your tax burden. Our experienced and highly educated tax professionals will diagnosis your tax situation and prepare you return keeping in mind your needs. You will get the answer about all your questions related to income tax in relevance to your situation. Finally, we will keep no stone unturned, though our fees are very reasonable and competitive.


Corporate Tax Return Preparation & E-filing Services

Corporate Tax Return (T2), Tax Planning, Preparation of T4, T4A, T5, ROE for your business. We provide Ease-of-Communication Services to our clients. If you do not have enough time to come and see your accountant/tax preparer, don’t worry. Our online/e-mail interactive system would allow you to file your tax return anywhere from your home or work. Please contact us and we will take care of the rest to file your tax return on time without any extra fees.