Ex CRA audit professionals and Tax accountants to help you in case you are under audit by Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax audits can be complex, and can feel exhausted and unfair. Moreover, it requires huge amount of time and energy. Sometimes a basic CRA request for information can be the beginning of a formal CRA audit process.

CRA select taxpayers for audit, for several reasons: certain indicators, such as mistakes, omissions, or false statements, that may have been made on a return can be some of those. If the your or your business activities fall under CRA radar, you could find yourself the subject of a lengthy and complex CRA audit. Many of the tax audits end up with some sort of penalties, interest and potential prosecution.

Generally, CRA audits can be classified into four main stages: initial stage, analysis stage, proposal stage, and final adjustment stage.  Our ex-CRA professionals and tax accountants can help provide extensive support and handle any tax audit easily and effectively.

Some of the Audit Solutions we provide are:

  • Negotiate with the CRA to ensure a fair and clear process
  • Avoid potential prosecution and penalties
  • Review and submit post audit proposals on your behalf
  • Help secure a more favourable outcome
  • Review your tax situation- proactive and reactive analysis
  • Develop a strategy to manage the CRA audit process for you
  • Facilitate submission of requested information
  • Accompany you to audit meetings
  • Prepare you for an interview with the CRA
  • Post Audit help; appeals or negotiation with payments etc.

We are with you to guide you through the entire process. Our experienced tax team is made up of ex-CRA professionals and tax accountants who work together to offer comprehensive audit solutions. If the CRA is asking questions, contact us immediately for a free confidential consultation at (416) 463-3330, or fill in the form on our contact us page.